Lessons from Malden teach volumes about how to strengthen community resilience

Horse in a pasture against background of green rolling hills in Malden, WA
Less than 300 residents call tiny Malden, Washington home. The town is nestled in the green, rolling hills of the Palouse about 40 miles south of Spokane. The Babb Road wildfire erased 80% of the buildings in this quiet rural community in a matter of hours.

“Plenty of people are willing to step up and help, but coordination is the heavy lift.”

“The measure of any community is the way it handles adversity.”

Mayor Dan Harwood and Town Clerk Micki Harnois
Mayor Dan Harwood and Town Clerk Micki Harnois are among the dedicated leaders working tirelessly to rebuild their community where so many families lost everything.

“We didn’t come in with pre-conceived notions and try to do things right away. We started slow and kept showing up.”

“We all work as a team. We’re now in full-blown recovery mode. Malden will be back and we’ll be back better.”

New flagpole installed on the site of what will be the town’s new post office.
A fresh flag waves from a new flagpole where a new post office building will soon stand, seeming to signal that Malden is on the comeback trail.



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