Washington State Department of Commerce


  • WA Governor’s Office

    WA Governor’s Office

    News and updates from Gov. Jay Inslee and his administration.

  • Biruk Tsegaye

    Biruk Tsegaye

    I’m a security analyst, tech enthusiast and UI/UX lover.

  • WSU Office of Research

    WSU Office of Research

  • Jeff Rice

    Jeff Rice

    Husband to my beautiful wife. Father to the best baby in the world. Born and raised in Spokane. Apartment Manager Enjoy science, math. reading and stock market.

  • Sound Media BDS

    Sound Media BDS

    Connecting customizable socially integrated channels to measurable strategies for informed consumers.

  • DerekWang


    Assignment Editor w/Seattle NPR affiliate KUOW; devoted NJ Devils fan. email me: djwang@kuow.org; Retweets not an endorsement.

  • Melissa Carpenter

    Melissa Carpenter

    Advocating for the Common Good. Lover of live music, fine wine, good stories, and unfamiliar places. WA Rep @GovInslee [opinions are my own]

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